Yet more incompetence as trams “won’t run until Easter”

Anna Soubry has criticised Nottingham City Council after their Deputy leader confirmed Trams won’t be carrying passenger until Easter. The news comes just days after Chancellor George Osborne visited the area and said there had been “a lot of Council incompetence” over management of the tram scheme.

Nottingham City Council’s deputy leader, Graham Chapman, told BBC Radio Nottingham “All I know is that it the delay is going to be lengthy. We are not very happy about it. The contractors are ultimately responsible for it.”

Anna Soubry said; “This new confirmation of further delays is yet more incompetence from the City Council. It is appalling that even when confirming the delay the City Council seeks to pass the buck to their contractor. The tram scheme is their project, it is their job to manage the contractors, the buck stops with them!”