Toton Green Belt

Broxtowe Borough Council is writing to everyone in the area and Anna very much hopes if you live in Toton you will join in the consultation. The previous Lib Dem/Labour Council agreed to a minimum of 500 houses on the land by Toton Sidings and there are plans for 800 houses where is widely agreed, the HS2 hub will be sited. Anna remain opposed to any houses on this Green Belt land and in favour of a world class business park to take full advantage of the growth HS2 will deliver.

Anna has said she is resolutely against economic development taking all the fields. Toton Councillor Mia Kee has an excellent blog which explains the consultation process and gives her views on the situation.  On Friday Anna met with TEPS, the Toton campaign group dedicated to protecting the areas Green Belt. As it happened they also met Jon Collins, leader of Nottingham City Council. This was a very productive and informative discussion about the future of the Green Belt at Toton. It is Anna’s view that  a solution can be found which will stop the planned houses on the land between the sidings and Stapleford Lane, secure a site for a business park and preserve a large amount of Green Belt which everyone can use and enjoy – a country park.

Because Broxtowe cannot change the housing target set by the last administration, the Council has to find alternative sites for a minimum of 500 houses. Anna said “I don’t want those houses being built on Green Belt land in other parts of the constituency. I have asked Jon Collins for assistance from the City Council and the Borough Council is urgently looking for more brownfield sites including land at Chilwell Barracks, which I am pursuing with the Ministry of Defence”.