Too little, too late – on Attenborough parking menace

Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, has criticised Nottinghamshire County Council’s plan to deal with ongoing parking problems in Attenborough as “too little, too late”

Anna has been working with residents, the Police, the County & Borough Councils, East Midlands Trains and Network Rail to deal with dangerous and antisocial parking in Attenborough and has expressed disappointment at the County’s proposed solution.

Anna said; “This situation has gone on for far too long, residents have had to put up with cars blocking driveways and seen their quiet residential streets turned into park and ride car parks. I had thought we were making progress when the County Council agreed to my request to introduce parking restrictions, their inadequate proposals will be as disappointing to residents as they are to me. It is a great pity, given my long involvement in this issue that the County Council didn’t work with me to get the right solution.”

The County Council are proposing two small sections of double yellow lines on Attenborough Lane, one just north of the level crossing and another around the junction of Allendale Avenue.

Anna said; “whilst the double yellows that the County are proposing are necessary what we really need is much wider parking restrictions, the current proposals will simply move the problem and make the situation even worse elsewhere in the village.”