Thousands of residents contacted about Field Farm Public Meeting

Anna Soubry MP joined campaigners fighting to save Field Farm in Stapleford this morning by delivering a leaflet advertising a Public Meeting on November 10th at the Jaguar Pub.

Stapleford, Bramcote and Trowell Conservatives delivered thousands of leaflets to homes throughout the area affected by a proposed development on Field Farm which is Green Belt land.

“I delivered in that part of Trowell which touches Field Farm. Like people in Stapleford they face losing a vast open green space to 450 houses. The land perfectly matches the aim of Green Belt land which is to stop urban sprawl and safeguard the identity of communities.”

Unfortunately, Trowell, Stapleford and Bramcote are represented by Borough and County Councillors who have backed the plans to make Field Farm a “preferred site” for development and have accepted a housing target which would mean thousands of houses on Green Belt land in Broxtowe.

“Labour and the Lib Dems are together failing to represent the views of their constituents in Stapleford, Trowell and Bramcote who are opposed to development on Field Farm. We have enough brown field land in the Borough for over three thousand new homes. That meets our housing needs and safeguards what little Green Belt we have left” said Anna Soubry MP.

Anna was out leafleting with David Parks and Chris Doddy both of whom are standing for Bramcote and Stapleford in next year’s County Council elections.

“It was a lovely sunny morning and although it was cold we were getting a very warm welcome on the doorstep. This issue has incensed local people who don’t want to lose Field Farm to commuter housing.”