Save our Green Belt

Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed a target of  5,765 houses many of which will have to built on the constituencys green belt. The numbers were voted through by the controlling Labour and Lib Dem group and opposed by Conservative Councillors.

“Broxtowe is the most densely populated Borough in the county so we have little enough green belt land” said Anna “I dont have any problem with building new homes on brown field sites but not on our precious green belt and Broxtowe Borough Council should accordingly reduce the numbers.”

Broxtowe Borough Council have identified green belt land at Field Farm between Trowell and Stapleford and on fields near Toton. The Government’s Localism Bill is currently going through Parliament. It will give power back to local communities and Councils to be able to decide their own future. “Broxtowe does not have to accept these figures and I do not believe Labour and the Lib Dems have the support of the majority of people in Broxtowe.”

Read Broxtowe’s plans on their web site click on the Core Strategy document and follow the links through to the public consultation document and have your say. The public consultation ends on Monday October 3rd and you can also send your views to the Council be emailing

e mail your support for Anna’s campaign to