Religious Freedoms- Iranian Pastor

As I am sure many of you are aware, elections are currently in full-swing in Iran and amidst news that a moderate politician is leading the polls, I can only hope that this will have a positive effect on minority religious groups throughout the country.

In light of these events, I wanted to share with you an excellent letter I received from Alistair Burt MP in the Foreign Office.  It was in response to a letter I sent to him after quite a few of you contacted me with concerns about the imprisonment of Pastor Farshid Fathi Malayeri.

Pastor Fathi was arrested on 26 December 2010 and now faces a long, harsh prison sentence purely because of his religious beliefs.  Alistair Burt’s letter is very good at highlighting the work that the Government continues to do abroad to fight for the protection freedoms of religion and thought.  Please click here to read the letter in full:

Iranian Pastor