Public gathers to oppose Open Cast

Dozens of residents gathered at Awsworth Parish Hall on Friday to listen to Anna, Parish Councillors and seasoned campaigners discuss UK Coal’s proposal for an open cast mine on a 325 acre site between Cossall and Trowell. The meeting came the day after Anna discussed the proposal in Parliament.

At the Awsworth meeting residents were urged to join a mass letter write to Nottinghamshire County Council. Individuals who had fought previous applications spoke of the importance of such letters.

Anna said, “Given it was a balmy Friday evening, the fact that so many people spent almost 2 hours discussing this proposal just goes to show the strength of local feeling. This really is about people power and I am urging everyone to write individual letters to the County Council. Trowell Parish Council is already conducting a petition which I will present to Parliament.”

The meeting came the day after Anna spoke about the open cast proposal in the House of Commons. During the Whitsun recess debate last Thursday Anna said,

“We are united in our opposition to an application by UK Coal for an open-cast mine on a piece of land between Cossall and Trowell called Shortwood. It is a 325-acre site, and this is the third time that UK Coal has made an application to Nottinghamshire county council in respect of it. We have already held one public meeting, and there will be another one on Friday.

There is no merit whatever in the application that UK Coal has made. It would undoubtedly lead to an excess of dust and noise and the loss of an amenity that is much loved by many of my constituents. Perhaps the greatest irony of the application is that 1.5 million tonnes of coal and clay would be removed from the site and put into lorries. There would be eight heavy goods vehicle movements every hour along an already overly congested road, up to the equally congested Nuthall roundabout and on to the M1. The coal and clay would then be driven all the way back down the M1 to the Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station. It is the stuff of madness that in this day and age we are still extracting coal in that way and burning it in power stations. We should now have alternatives up and running.”

For more information and to find out what you can do, go to the “No to open cast mining between Cossall and Trowell” page on here. The deadline for submissions to Nottinghamshire County Council is 30th June 2012.