The EU Referendum

Many constituents have spoken to me, both in person and by e-mail, regarding the upcoming EU Referendum.

I am a long standing supporter of our membership of the EU, but this does not mean I don’t believe that it is in need of considerable reform. I believe that the deal which the Prime Minister achieved in February is the beginning of much needed change in the EU, and if we vote to remain we will be playing a full part in leading this much needed reform.

This is an issue which is above party politics. Of course political parties, my own included, will disagree as to whether we should remain in the EU or leave, but our debate should be friendly and informed. The country has been at odds with itself for decades on this issue, which is why I am delighted that this Government has stood by its manifesto promise and given the British people the opportunity to have a referendum on this hugely important issue.

I will be voting to remain in the EU because I believe that this will make us a stronger, safer and more prosperous country.

We all have one vote and are free to vote to remain in or to leave the European Union. My vote carries no more or less weight than yours. I suspect that many who will be voting to leave the EU will not be persuaded otherwise and I respect that view. I hope that those voters will respect my view and the views held by other supporters of the EU. My real fear is four months of campaigning during which people might become fed up with all the arguments!

However it is for British people to have the final say on the 23 June. I intend to hold a public debate in my constituency in the coming months, the details of which will be announced in my regular e-mail newsletter. You can subscribe to my newsletter by signing up on this website’s homepage, or by e-mailing me at