Thank you for contacting me about freedom of expression in Sudan.

Freedom of expression is both a fundamental right in itself and an essential ingredient for delivering the full range of human rights in any country. The freedom to debate, discuss, criticise and hold governments to account is essential.

I know that the UK Government shares your concerns about the violence occurring during the recent protests in Sudan, including credible reports of the use of live fire by the Government of Sudan, and of multiple deaths during several protests. I am assured that the UK has urged the Government of Sudan to respond to demonstrations appropriately, through uniformed police acting in accordance with Sudanese and international human rights law.

The Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin, visited Sudan last year, to reiterate the UK’s commitment to Sudan becoming a more stable and prosperous country. During her meetings with Ministers from the Government of Sudan, she discussed the importance of improving human rights and introducing political reforms.

I know that the UK Government is continuing to monitor the situation closely, as will I.