Restoration and Renewal (Report of the Joint Committee): 31st January 2018

Anna Soubry (Broxtowe) (Con)
I say a huge thank you to my right hon. Friend and her team for all their excellent work, but does she not agree that the time for talking is over? We have to grasp this, do the right thing, and—I cannot believe I am going to say this—but in this instance, in supporting amendment (b), absolutely everybody vote leave.

Andrea Leadsom
I thank my right hon. Friend for joining that sentiment. I point out that in terms of progress of work, neither motion 2 nor amendment (b) is suggesting any faster progress. As I set out, the difference between them is that amendment (b) offers only one solution. Motion 2 offers the opportunity to discuss the best combination of value for taxpayers’ money as well as solutions for parliamentarians.