Migrants and Hate Crime

Worryingly, there has been a steep rise in hate crimes committed against both EU and non EU workers. This is an appalling state of affairs, and I would urge anyone who witnesses such acts to contact the police.

As I’m sure many would agree, the majority of migrant workers that come here do so to work. They are a valued part of our society and it is vital that they feel welcome. I will do all I can from the backbenches to ensure that they are taken into account as the Government negotiates the Brexit deal, and I hope businesses will also add their voice to this cause.

I am assured that the Government is taking all possible action to combat any hatred or intolerance towards any section of our society, including a new hate crime action plan aimed at increasing the report rate of hate crimes and providing stronger support for victims. You can read the report here.

Making sure that the UK continues to be a welcoming and tolerant society for those fleeing persecution is of the utmost priority. I am proud to support the Government’s pledge of £2.3 billion in humanitarian aid, and was pleased that Broxtowe recently welcomed four refugee families into the borough – working towards our national goal of relocating 20,000 refugees before the end of this Parliament. I believe the generosity and kindness of so many in this time shows the true stuff that makes up our community in Broxtowe.