I asked my newsletter readers to bring to my attention the worst potholes around Broxtowe so that I could bring them to the County Council’s attention for repair. I received a huge number of responses, and I am in the process of writing a third letter to the Council to bring another large batch of potholes to their attention. I have made sure that local County Councillors have been copied into my correspondence so that they are able to provide further support to local residents. Some of the pot holes have already been repaired, and the Council have updated me on the plans for some of the first locations I brought to their attention.

It was great to be out and about in Kimberley this week (w/c 20/04/2015) and thank you to all of those that took the time to speak to me and my team about what your concerns and priorities for Kimberley are. A large number of residents raised the issue of potholes, particularly on Church Hill and High Street and I am pleased to have received the following response from the County Council about these roads:

“I am aware of the very poor road surface conditions on both Church Hill and High Street at Kimberley. I am pleased to advise that in November Church Hill is programmed for resurfacing; the scheme will include where Church Hill becomes High Street and we hope to resurface up to the junction of High Street and James Street (funding dependent). A works order for repairs on this road has also been raised and these will be completed imminently. We will of course continue to monitor the surface conditions prior to resurfacing and make good the road surface through remedial repairs.”

Last year, the Prime Minister visited Kimberley to announce £2.7 million worth of funding for Nottinghamshire County Council, to help repair around 52,000 potholes. Thanks to your letters, we can help Nottinghamshire County Council use this money to its full potential.