Police Funding

Thank you for contacting me about police funding.

As you may be aware, the responsibility for determining the deployment of resources to manage and respond to crimes and local community priorities rests with Chief Constables, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), operational leaders and local representatives. 

I know the Government understands that police demand is changing and becoming increasingly complex. It is also the first priority of government to protect the public. As such, the Government has a key responsibility to ensure PCCs have the necessary funding to keep communities safe. 

The Government has published a funding settlement that means total police funding will increase by up to £970 million in 2019/20. This will take total funding to up to £14 billion, including council tax. This funding includes Government grant funding for PCCs, flexibility for PCCs to raise additional money at a local level from council tax, Government funding for additional pensions costs, funding for counter-terrorism policing and funding for national priorities, including tackling serious and organised crime.

This substantial increase in funding for the police will enable forces across the country to continue recruiting, fill crucial capability gaps and meet real pressures. I also believe it is important that this funding is well spent and it is good that the Government will work with police forces to drive efficiency and effectiveness which will help prevent crime and deliver better outcomes for victims of crime. 

You may also be pleased to know that I have been assured by Ministers that the Government is willing to invest appropriately in the Spending Review next year in police capacity and capability to support a professional workforce.

I believe a Royal Commission into policing would be a significant undertaking, requiring a great deal of time and resource. Instead, I think it is right that the Home Secretary supports the police sector to set its own strategic direction.