Immigration Bill

Thank you for contacting me about the Immigration Bill. I object to this Bill and did not vote for it.

First, I happen to believe in the free movement of people, and I have yet to hear anybody advance a single argument why the free movement of people has been anything other than good for this country—not one solid argument advanced.

Secondly, the Bill does not provide the surety to EU citizens already living in this country that it should.

Thirdly—many would say that this is the most important point and ​main failing of the Bill—it contains Henry VIII powers giving unbelievable, and simply unacceptable, powers and measures to Ministers.

I am saddened that for so long we have not made the positive case for immigration in our country. Not surprisingly, we have found ourselves in the situation that we are in, where mythology, rhetoric, misinformation and downright lies have been spread by all manner of people to support their own ideological, short-term vision, with absolutely no foundation and at a real cost for our country and its future. I also take the view that the majority of people in this country are good and they are tolerant, but too many of them have been told these lies.

I have additionally signed cross party amendments to this Bill ahead of its return to the House of Commons which seek to end indefinite detention.