Cocoa Farmers and Fair Trade

The petition on cocoa farmers and Fair Trade was raised in Parliament on the 14th March 2019, you can see the Secretary of State’s response below. I am glad that the Government have agreed to look at this issue.

Stuart C. McDonald
More than 20,000 people, including many of my constituents, have signed the Fairtrade Fortnight petition calling on the Government to lead action on exploitative rates of pay in the hugely valuable international cocoa trade. Will the Government take up that challenge? [909817]

Dr Fox (Secretary of State for International Trade)
I take the opportunity to praise the work of the Fairtrade organisation, which is so well led and co-ordinated by my very good friend Lord Price. It is essential that we look at these issues because free trade is not a free-for-all. There need to be rules around it and there needs to be fair trade. The Government will look sympathetically at what the hon. Gentleman suggests.