Benefits Freeze

Every year in April benefits get uprated. Things like: the state pension, Personal Independence Payments, disability premiums, if you have health conditions.

But in 2016, the government decided that we needed a 4-year freeze on working age benefits. 

We in The Independent Group, we believe that all policy should be evidence-based. And that that evidence needs to be reviewed regularly, especially when that policy affects the most vulnerable people in our society. 

And what we’ve seen is because of inflation and wage growth, people on working age benefits, universal credit, who are working but struggling to make ends meet – they just can’t afford to live on this basic level of benefits any more. 

And what’s even more unacceptable, that we’re just coming to the end now of the third year of that 4-year freeze, and government had a target to save £3.5bn. Now it’s already saved £4.4bn by the end of that third year, so we’re £900m ahead of our target. Plus in January we had the biggest budget surplus since records began in 1993, meaning more tax coming in than money we’re spending. 

So if you agree with me that we can afford as a country a proper welfare safety net, then please do sign our petition