Phones will not be restored until “middle of next week”

BT emailed me at 5pm with the news that phones in the beeston, Chilwell, Bramcote and Attenborough area will not be restored until ” the middle of next week”.

Here”s their email

“Anna – I wanted to keep you posted on work in your constituency.

Our engineers are still on track to complete the original cabling work by the end of the weekend barring any additional complications.

However, in the course of works on the original cabling issue, engineers have uncovered further damage to the network which is related to the original incident. Further investigations have shown that two additional sections of cable and ducting have been flooded. These are both in the vicinity of the original fault in Chilwell Road.

Although this extra damage hasn’t affected the number of people without service, it has impacted the speed with which lines can be reconnected. Unfortunately this means that, barring any further unforeseen complications, the work required to ensure all lines are back in service, will now be extended until the middle of next week.

We will continue to update Communications providers. My colleagues will also ensure that the local media is aware of this additional work.

I know colleagues are in touch on the BT customers that you raised with me”

Please check your neighbour and let me know if they need urgent help 

email me or call 0115 9436507