Parliament has now been dissolved until the General Election. Therefore there are currently no Members of Parliament.

Three or four days a week, depending on business in the House of Commons, I represent Broxtowe in Westminster. When in Parliament, I take part in debates in the House of Commons, hold meetings and work in my office. I have to remain in Parliament so that I am able to vote and ensure Broxtowe’s voice is heard on key pieces of legislation.

On Fridays and whenever Parliament isn’t sitting, I work in my constituency office in Beeston. Here I meet with constituents, local service providers and work on my weekly email newsletter. I also regularly meet businesses, visit schools and on the weekend, I often take part in community events.

If you would like to know my views on any policy matter, would like to share your views on a particular topic or want assistance on any issue, please do get in touch and I will do the best I can to assist.