MUGA petition presented to Broxtowe leader

Greasley’s Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is a popular facility in Greasley but not with everyone who lives next to it. Some residents complained about the noise and as a result Broxtowe Borough Council slapped on a noise abatement order. Greasley Parish Council fear the restrictive order will mean the MUGA must close and hundreds of users are furious. ” I have had a very positive meeting with Cllr. Radulovic who has made it clear he does not want the MUGA to close. We agree that together we can sort out the problem. ” said Anna ” I have agreed to host a meeting between Nottinghamshire County Council, the Parish and the Borough. If we can agree all find the money, then panels to reduce the noise may be the solution. Cllr. Radulovic made it clear that his hands are tied because a statutory notice has been issued.”