Kimberley leads on Defibs!

May 2014

Anna Soubry has met the new head of East Midlands Ambulance Service, Sue Moyes and pledged to help the campiagn for more defibs and lice saving skills to be taught in Broxtowe’s schools.

“Many of our schools already have defibs but there’s more to be done” said Anna “teaching all our youngsters basic life saving skills Is a huge step forward – these will be skills that youngsters will keep all their lives.”

Anna has agreed to contact all Broxtowe’s secondary schools to pursue the teaching of life saving skills as well as working with EMAS to increase the number of defibrillators in Broxtowe.

September 2013

Anna Soubry has launched her campaign for more defibrillators in Broxtowe.

Anna was in Kimberley to “open” a new Defib in the precinct.

A defibrillator, a life-saving emergency device which delivers a dose of electrical energy to restabilise heart rhythm after a cardiac arrest, has been installed outside Burrows and Close chemists, for public use, by East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Speaking of the campaign, Anna said: “Defibrillators save lives – they are easy to use and mean someone who suffers a cardiac arrest can be helped quickly in the all important ‘first 4 minutes’ of an attack”.

Anna is working to install more defibrillators in public places throughout Broxtowe. Speaking of her campaign, Anna said: “We already have a number of Defibrillators, but we need more. They cost about £1,500 each and EMAS has agreed to identify places where a defibrillator should be installed. I will then bring together Councillors and local businesses to raise money above the current £120,000 EMAS are spending on defibrillators throughout the East Midlands.”