Hundreds turn out to defend Nuthall’s Green Belt

Local residents were queuing outside the door to get into this afternoons public meeting in Nuthall. The meeting was called by the parish council and attended by Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry. Nuthalls Borough and County Councillors were there and all spoke in defence of the areas Green Belt land under threat of development.

“There’s an application for a sports retail park at Nuthall, plans to build hundreds of houses and now the HS2 line. The Oxylane sports village has little support” said Anna “there is overwhelming opposition to hundreds of houses on our Green Belt and HS2 has had a mixed reaction though everyone welcomes the potential benefits it could bring.”

Residents were urged to write to the Planning Department, Broxtowe Borough Council, Foster Avenue, Beeston if they oppose the Oxylane development quoting planning reference 12/00644/OUT. “Local Councillors have objected on the grounds that this would be an inappropriate development on Green Belt land; there would also be an intolerable impact on our already overly congested roads of 5,000 extra cars” said Anna.

The plans can be seen on Broxtowe Borough Concil’s web site and following the links in the Plannng section using the planning application reference 12/00644/OUT. You make your views heard on line or by letter.

Developers have yet to submit plans they’ve exhibited for hundreds of houses on Woodhouse Way. ” as soon as an application is made we will inform residents and fight the development on Green Belt land.”

HS2 has been widely welcomed but will not be built for at least twenty years. “The plans for the route from Birmingham to Lleds are in their infancy” said Anna “the line goes through Nuthall and Strelley village and obviously people are concerned about the impact on the environment, including Green Belt land, and the affect on their homes. Some houses would be demolished to make way for HS2 so it’s critical those people are properly advised and compensated. I have ndertaken to write to the relevant Minister on their behalf ; I am also concerned about the affect of blight for twenty years which seems particularly unfair.”