HS2 Viaduct Campaign Success

Anna is very pleased that HS2 have abandoned plans for a 60 foot viaduct through Trowell as part of the line’s route through Broxtowe, as a result of her campaign against the viaduct!

She has been campaigning for a tunnel to deliver the route through Broxtowe with the East Midlands hub station underground at Toton Sidings. A tunnel would avoid years of serious road disruption in parts of the constituency, notably at Nuthall, and would avoid adverse environmental damage.

This afternoon Anna had a meeting with officials of HS2 at Trowell Parish Hall and they showed her their new plans. HS2 now want to run the line in a cutting along side the M1 in Trowell. This would mean the M1 would not need to be moved but 20 more houses in Trowell would be demolished.

HS2 have launched a consultation on the new route which closes on 6th September. You can find out more here.

HS2 are also holding an information event in Trowell Parish Hall on 21st June from 2pm – 8pm.