Hope for Toton’s Green Belt?

On Tuesday evening Broxtowe Councillors debated the Council’s plans to build on Toton’s Green Belt.

Conservative Councillors successfully argued that the Council should not be working towards its previous plans for a “strategic location for growth” following the recent announcement that the HS2 hub may not be built at Toton.

Following a lengthy debate the committee voted to recommend that there should be no building on Toton’s Green Belt if the station is built elsewhere, this was opposed by Labour Councillors despite their leader, Cllr Milan Radulovic, previously promising “If HS2 doesn’t come we will be opposing the 500 homes. If it doesn’t go ahead nothing will go ahead.” The only Lib Dem present, David Watts, abstained from voting.

The recommendation will now go to the Council’s Cabinet later this year.

Anna Soubry said; “Cllr Radulovic must now show us that he meant what he said when he promised no building at Toton if HS2 does not go ahead there, so far his own councillors have appeared to demonstrate that these were just hollow words.”


The vote on Tuesday 11th Nov was 4 for (all Conservative) 2 against (both Labour) 1 abstention

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