Great War Memorial Opening

Anna was honoured to attend the opening of Nottinghamshire’s Great War Memorial at Victoria Embankment. The memorial, which is a first of its kind in the country, not only carries the names of all those members of our armed forces who died in World War 1 but also civilians who died during WW1 and soldiers shot at dawn. The civilians remembered on the memorial most notably include the 134 people who died at the Chilwell munitions explosion in 1918.

The opening was shared with both the former leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Richard Jackson and new leader Milan Radulovic. The new Mayor, Councillor Mick Brown, also attended and Anna saw Councillor Richard Macrae in the crowd. Most importantly (no disrespect to any of the above) was the presence of Kimberley’s David Nunn who has led the work of bringing all the names together and conducting the remarkable research in to each of the lives that were lost.

Read more about the project here.