Further Delays To Rail Improvements

Stagecoach, the company that operates the rail franchise as East Midlands Trains, has taken a large amount of money (£35 million) out of the service to London. Anna raised this in the House of Commons as she fears they are running down the franchise. They asked to meet with her and they had a frank discussion during which they denied any run down. 
The Government has extended the existing franchise to August and has promised to announce details of the new operators before May. Whether Stagecoach win it or not, the area will not be getting much needed new rolling stock (trains!) until 2022. This delay is due mainly to the Government going back on its plans to electrify the line. Anna will raise this with Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary, as passengers deserve modern, efficient trains. The current rolling stock includes trains that are not fully accessible to disabled passengers and all of them dispose of toilet waste directly on to the tracks.