European Election Results

The results of the European Parliament elections were declared on Sunday and the Broxtowe result is for the Borough of Broxtowe which is larger than the Parliamentary constituency as it includes Eastwood and Brinsley.

The turnout was 39% of which the Brexit Party took 35% of the vote, the Lib Dem’s 21%, Greens 13%, Labour 12%, Conservatives 8%, Change UK 4.7% and UKIP 3.9%. The three parties who unequivocally back a Peoples Vote and remaining in the EU polled 39% of the vote with the Brexit Party and UKIP polling 38.9%. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Labour and the Conservatives fared particularly badly.

“Given the turnout and the subject (Brexit), I think the only conclusions to be drawn are that two party politics is seriously under threat and old tribal party loyalties are being broken down by Brexit. And arguably, that most people are fed up with Brexit.” Said Anna on the subject.