Stan Hepinstall MBE, Lib Dem, Former Mayor

“Anna has my full support for her courage at standing up for Broxtowe and against Brexit.”

Precious Aidoo, Former Labour Voter

“Anna is Broxtowe’s only choice for moderate voters in this election.”

Harry Fitch, Stapleford

“I’m a Leave supporter but I recognise that Anna has worked hard for everyone in Broxtowe and is a great representative for our area.”

Martin Nanda, Nuthall

“I’m backing Anna and I’m a life long Conservative. Anna has worked hard for businesses in Broxtowe, especially small ones like mine. Labour will burden businesses with taxes and its nationalisation policy will destroy our economy. The Conservative Party has shifted to the right with too much deregulation and no fear of what a no deal, hard Brexit means for businesses.”

Sarah Hampton, Attenborough

“I met Anna nearly three years ago after I wrote to her to complain about the poor access at Beeston Station. I am not a Conservative voter but I think she has been a good and responsive constituency MP. I admire her courage and I agree that we need a People’s Vote based on an understanding of what the current Brexit deal will mean for our country.”

Graham Heal, Toton

“I’ve always voted Lib Dem but in this election I’m backing Anna. I have been impressed with her commitment and support for HS2 and the work of the Chetwynd: the Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum. Anna has a record of hard work for everyone in Broxtowe and of working with people of all political persuasions and none.”

Sarah Harker, Awsworth, Former Green Voter

“I agree with her on Brexit and as our MP, she supported me as a self employed person and mother”.

Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC, Former MP for Rushcliffe

“I have worked with Anna Soubry for many years as a Conservative colleague and I have always been a huge admirer of her efforts as the MP representing Broxtowe. She was an excellent Minister and a force in the House of Commons. I will be delighted if she is returned to the next Parliament.”

Yvette Lamb, Chilwell

“I used to vote Labour but I believe Anna is the right choice in this election. Her fight for a People’s Vote is what the country needs to put a stop to the Brexit chaos.”

Professor Sir Martin Poliakoff, Beeston

“I’ve previously voted Labour but Anna’s been a great constituency MP, engaging right across our community. She’s also stood for her principles and I believe she deserves our support.”

Richard Daniels, Chilwell

“I’ve always supported the Tory party but I’m voting Anna on Dec 12th. Whilst I agree with her on Brexit, I’m backing Anna because I’ve seen her hard work first hand in the constituency. ”

Simon Tonks, Ex Broxtowe Conservative Chair

“I’m the former Chair of
Broxtowe Conservatives
and I’m voting for Anna.
The Tories have lost
their way and Anna is
standing up for moderate,
sensible politics”