Council Backtracks on Toton promise

Anna Soubry has condemned Broxtowe Borough Council Leader, Milan Radulovic, for “backtracking” on a promise that Toton’s Green Belt wouldn’t be developed if the proposed HS2 station isn’t built.

Radulovic told the Nottingham Post on 27th October that: “If HS2 doesn’t come, we will be opposing the 500 homes.  If it doesn’t go ahead, nothing will go ahead.”  However at a meeting of the council’s Cabinet on 16th December, he refused to endorse proposals from Conservative councillors to change policy to reflect his promises in the media.

Conservative opposition leader, Cllr Richard Jackson said: “The Leader of the council was very clear, both in the Nottingham Post and on the BBC, that the council would oppose development on Toton’s Green Belt if the HS2 station isn’t built in Toton yet he has now gone back on that promise”.

Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, said; “This is a betrayal of the people of Toton.  Cllr Radulovic was very clear when he said that without HS2 there should be no housing development at Toton, but when given the opportunity to change his council’s policy to match his public commitment, he refused”.