Chetwynd Barracks Latest

In a surprise move Broxtowe Borough Council has cut the grass on all the open spaces at the Chetwynd Barracks Development …. and emptied the bins. But residents of the Chetwynd Barracks development are still waiting for a date when the work will begin and a date when it is anticipated the work will be complete. The solicitor for the builders consortium has told Anna Soubry he believes the work will be completed in five months.

Meanwhile Anna has written to both the Environment Agency and Broxtowe Borough Council about the “public open space” following complaints that the area floods with polluted water causing dogs to fall sick.

Meanwhile  Jon Henderson’s has agreed to get a Residents Association up and running. Please contact Anna for his email address though you may know Jon as that tall good looking man who was on the tele just a few weeks ago!


Council Tax rebate

You are entitled to write for a review of your council tax banding.  You should write to

Nottingham Valuation Office Agency (Council Tax)

Ground Floor, Ferrers House, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham, NG2 1A

In your letter you should say you want a review of the banding and give a reason(s) why.  You should in effect assert that your house has a lower value because of the state of the roads, pavements etc.

For example;

 “My house was banded on the basis we would have adopted roads, made up pavements and street lights. For the past * years we have had none/some of these and therefore my house value is lower than first thought and the banding is accordingly wrong”.

It is difficult to get a council tax rebate because the bands are so broad, but please contact me if you need more advice or assistance.

Complaint to Broxtowe Borough Council/Maladministration

A number of residents have asked if they can complain about the way Broxtowe Borough Council have handled the matter, notably the failure to forge an agreement (a s.38 agreement)  among the builders, Cofton and other parties  about the spine roads at a time when separate agreements were being made with those builders on the land they were developing.  If the s.38 agreement had been made then funds would have been immediately available in the event one of the parties to the s.38 went bust. The land was sold by the Ministry of Defence in 2003 – outline planning permission was granted in 2003/4 and the negotiations on the spine roads began then.

The full complaints procedure can be found on Broxtowe Borough Councils web site.

 I believe the relevant “service “departments” are The Planning Department and the Legal Services Department. Send your initial complaint to both the Director of Planning and the Director of Legal Services.

 The web site  seems to provide all the information and the procedure appears pretty straightforward but again if I can assist please contact me.

 I have been asked if residents can complain to the Local Government Ombudsman. You need to complain first to the Council and exhaust that procedure; if you are not satisfied with their final answer then you can complain to the Ombudsman and again I will advise you on the procedure.