Chetwynd Barracks – cautiously optimistic!

Many thanks to the 150 people who came to last nights residents meeting at The Village.

I was able to tell the meeting that yesterday morning I received a copy of the letter from the solicitors acting for the four builders. This letter states that the builders, Barrats, Bellway, Persimmon and William Davis have agreed to complete the work on all the roads on the development and they will pay to do the work. I have seen emails between Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council  that show both councils are trying to facilitate the transfer of the roads and agree for their adoption once the work is complete.

I reported to the meeting that I had had two telephone conversations with the solicitor who is representing the builders and he confirmed the agreement and assured me the final detail will soon be completed. I specifically asked when it was anticipated the roads would be ready to be adopted (ie the work done) and I was told it would take 5 months. I also spoke on the phone to a representative of the Administrators, Deloittes who assured me there was nothing now standing in the way of completing the agreement other than deciding who would bear the cost of the £2,000 legal fees to draft the requisite documentation. I have made it very clear that I very much hope £2,000 will not stand in the way of the roads being completed in five months after five years of neglect and prevarication.

I am keen not to raise our hopes too high but it looks like we are almost there and I want to thank  residents that have provided me with a lot of information and support. It seems that after years of nothing much happening a few letters have finally got the ball rolling.

On the basis that an agreement is about to be formally drafted we need to make sure the builders keep to their contractual duties to create the sort of street scenes they promised in the original literature advertising homes on the development.

We need to make sure the pavements are fully and properly made good and that all the street lighting is working and is efficient.

I will raise all these matters with the builders.

A number of matters were raised by way of questions from residents.

The public open space

The representative from Deloittes assures me the money to pay for the maintenance and making good of the public open space is ready to be transferred to Broxtowe Borough Council. This is very good news as two weeks ago the ruling group of Councillors voted to spend council tax payers money on the area. To be fair I don’t think they knew all the facts but equally they were asked to wait until more enquiries were made.  Ah well we now almost have a “cheque in the post”.

BUT I am extremely concerned to learn from residents that  not only is the drainage on the site extremely poor, there is a stench pipe and  most alarmingly when water accumulates in the area and is drunk by dogs it makes then unwell. Given this land used to belong to the Ministry of Defence I have written to the Environment Agency asking them to make full enquiry as a matter of urgency.

There is also some confusion over the rest of the land as to who will own it if the County Council decide not to take up their option to build a school on the land. I am told in no uncertain terms that in that event, Cofton ( or rather their administrators) will retain ownership of the land.  Whilst I seek clarification I will also ask that the land is properly maintained. I will make this request to both the Borough and County Councillors and to the administrators. I will also write to Broxtowe Borough Council and ask that all the grass is cut.

Rate rebate

Many people want to know if they are entitled to a rebate on their rates. I will post details on the web site when we’ve completed our enquiries. I intend to give more information than an address of who you should write to. I am happy to advise in any way I can.


Again, many people have asked me whether the Borough Council can be held accountable for any failings on its part. Again I will supply information on the web site, in my email newsletter and to any residents who contact me.

Residents Association

Jon Henderson has kindly agreed to start up a residents group. If you would like to help or join then please do – if you contact me then I will send you Jons details – you may already know him as that tall good looking man who was on the tele two weeks ago! In all seriousness my sincere thanks to Jon and Kic King for all their help and information.