Chetwynd Barracks – at last, a start and end date

This afternoon I chaired a meeting with the builders, officers from Broxtowe Borough Council and the leader of the Council, Cllr. David Watts.

As a result of our discussions the builders have undertaken to start work on the pavements and other “off road” work that needs to be completed, repaired or begun, on December 6th.

They have also provided a start time for the work on the roads – the New Year and anticipate that on the basis the weather doesn’t do a repeat performance of last January, that the work will be completed by the end of February.

There are still agreements to be signed and the administrators, Deloittes, must release the funds they hold and work quickly to make an agreement with the lead builders, William Davis.

The builders themselves seem on good terms with each other and certainly left me in no doubt they genuinely want to get on and finish all the work as soon as possible. I will write to Deloittes to urge them not to thwart this goodwill and to act swiftly and efficiently. The Borough Council is keen to co-operate in enabling the builders to complete the work on all the roads at the same time as the work on the spine road.

There have been difficulties with completing the survey of the sewers and drains which has set things back. That work began but has yet to be completed and a report submitted.

Broxtowe Borough and the County Council are “good to go” in that they have sorted out all the legal requirements for the process to begin in adopting the roads, when the work is completed. I have raised various residents’ concerns (for example the failure of street lighting, wrongly spelt signs, dodgy fences and so on). The builders were very helpful – we now want to make sure they deliver.

I do want to thank the builders (William Davis, Barratts, Belway Homes and Persimmon) for attending, for being so positive and determined to get the entire development completed – they now need to put their good words into action.

Finally, a very big thank you to Ruth Hyde, the Chief Executive of Broxtowe Borough Councillor and Councillor David Watts for setting up the meeting and for their assistance and contributions during the discussions.

Please email me if you need more information or I can help in any other way, Have a good weekend,

Anna Soubry MP