Changes at Change UK

As you may have heard there have been a number of changes at Change UK (The Independent Group), the political party Anna co-founded a few months ago. 

6 of the 11 MPs have left believing the party should not be standing candidates in elections and preferring to sit as Independents.

The party now has 5 MPs with years of experience and competence between them. Anna was unanimously elected as their leader on Tuesday. 

Anna is of course saddened about the split which, in her view, was taken too hastily after the EU Election results. She is heartened by the thousands of supporters we have attracted and by the almost 600,000 people who voted for Change UK in the recent elections.

“Whatever your political views and affiliation, I hope you agree that we are living in the most extraordinary of political times. Both main parties are now in meltdown and last night’s Peterborough by election is further evidence of the demise of the two party system” Anna said. Labour did well to retain the seat but no one is under any illusion that the party remains bitterly divided. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party exposes all manner of division as 11 candidates battle for the leadership.

Anna believes most people look at both main parties in despair. The sense that our politics is broken is growing and she believes Change UK offers the way to sort out the mess.

As leader of Change UK, Anna has started the work on building a membership-based party and has begun to develop policies on the various and multiple issues our country faces. In the meantime, Parliament is stuck in a rut of avoiding important legislation and debate to address those issues. 

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