Chancellor George Osborne criticises “Council incompetence” over tram works

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne paid a visit to Beeston on Friday following an invitation from Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe.

Anna took Mr Osborne to see Chilwell Road businesses, the Local not Global Deli, and Relish Cafe where they discussed the challenges facing their businesses not least during the current tram works.

Having seen and heard first hand the problems that the overrunning tram works have caused local businesses Mr Osborne said; “I think the council has got some serious questions to answer about the delays on this really important project.

The frustration is that the Government, and myself as Chancellor, have given taxpayers’ money to invest in infrastructure here and yet it seems there has been a lot of council incompetence.

I think they need to get their act together and minimise the disruption on local businesses and local people.”

Chilwell Road and High Road Chilwell closed to through traffic in March last year. At the time NET claimed that the closures would be in place for “approximately one year” since then numerous deadlines for re-opening the road have been missed, most recently 17th November.

Anna Soubry went on to say; “The Chancellor is right saying more needs to be done.

The project is turning into a nightmare and the thing that really upsets people is that they were over-optimistic and have completely missed all targets.

The city council leader, Jon Collins, needs to come down here and meet the traders and explain what has happened and apologise.”