Broxtowe Borough Council Elections

The results of yesterday’s Broxtowe Borough Council elections are in and as it stands, the Conservatives have lost overall control of the Council. No single party has a majority so much will depend on a by-election in Stapleford following the death of one of the candidates. 

The ruling group lost 7 seats (notably three in Bramcote where the Lib Dems were returned having lost the ward in the General Election). However, the Conservatives won a seat from the Lib Dems in the Awsworth, Cossall and Trowell ward.

Given the current political situation, the shock of the evening is that Labour took only three seats (2 in Chilwell West and 1 in Eastwood). They really should have done considerably better. In Kimberley, a Labour target ward, all three incumbents were re-elected including former Labour Councillor Richard Robinson who is now an Independent. Anna congratulates him and Conservatives Mel Crow and Shane Easom on their win. 

Independent Councillor Richard MacRae was handsomely returned to represent Stapleford North along with Conservative Jan Goold. Anna was also pleased to see Trish Roberts-Thomson, from the Friends of Beeston Station, secure a win in Attenborough and Chilwell East. 

Nationally, Independent candidates did remarkably well and the Lib Dems reclaimed ground lost in 2015.

Anna believes there was a clear message from voters to both main parties of “a plague on both your houses”, marking how British politics is indeed broken. The need for change has never been greater. Anna’s political party ChangeUK didn’t stand as they were only formed a few weeks ago. However, they are contesting the EU Elections on May 23rd.

Commiserations to all those who lost and congratulations to all those who won. 

Here is a link to the full election results – here.