Anna Soubry welcomes new law on dangerous drivers

The Government has announced a new offence to punish dangerous drivers who cause serious injuries. The proposal comes after campaigners lobbied MP’s to make the change. Labour MP Karl Turner spear headed the campaign and earlier this year Anna supported him in a debate in Parliament.

Anna said  “A few years ago I prosecuted a driver who had caused permanent injury to a pedestrian after he drove at speed, mounted the pavement and mowed the man down. At that time the maximum sentence for dangerous driving was two years which in the circumstances was derisory. Karl Turner worked as a solicitor and barrister before coming into Parliament and like me had been involved in these types of cases where the punishment in no way fitted the crime. I was pleased to speak in favour of Karl’s campaign in Parliament and am delighted at today’s announcement.”

The new offence will carry a maximum sentence of five years.