Anna Soubry welcomes Gotham to Broxtowe

The Boundary Commision has proposed adding Gotham to the exisiting constituency of Broxtowe as part of the plans to re-organise constituencies throughout Britain.

“The Coalition has rightly decided to reduce the number of seats by 50 to ensure constituencies have roughly the same number of people” said Anna “It will also reduce the cost of politics by £12 million and that’s a good thing too”.

The Boundary Commission’s plans for Broxtowe would see Gotham, currently in Rushcliffe and south of the Trent, as part of the constituency. “It would be an honour to follow in Ken Clark’s steps but I don not know people in Gotham feel about being part of a constituency some fifteen to twenty lies away.”

The Boundary Commision report can be read at

There now follows a public consultation with a final decision being made in two years time.