Anna Soubry Welcomes Core City Announcement

Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, has welcomed yesterday’s announcement that Nottingham is a core city and will therefore have more control over its funding and its affairs.

The Deputy Prime Minister yesterday announced that Nottingham would be one of eight core cities in England, as part of a joint proposal in conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government. It is hoped that there will be financial benefits as cities could get one consolidated pot of money to spend as they see fit, as well as greater autonomy over business rates.

There will also be implications for skills and jobs as cities will be able to set up City Apprenticeship hubs. In addition, the Government will want to look at increasing local accountability for local public transport and handing over decision making on transport projects to cities. Cities will have more control over regeneration funding and will be able to bid for a share in a £100 million capital investment fund to spend on broadband infrastructure projects.

Anna Soubry MP highlighted the case for Nottingham and Broxtowe in Parliament yesterday and said, “There was good news today for the city of Nottingham, and that is good news for my constituency, which forms part of Greater Nottingham.”