Anna Soubry wants full consultation before any decision about Kimberley Police Station

Anna Soubry has written to the Chief Constable, Julia Hodgson, asking for an assurance that a decision has not been made to close Kimberley Police Station and that the current review will consult with the Town Council and residents of the town.

Anna said: “I wrote to the Chair of the Police Authority, Jon Collins who explained that a review is underway which will make recommendations to the Authority. Jon assured me there would then be a full consultation before any final decision is taken. Unfortunately, it appears it’s a done deal. Kimberley Town Council have discovered plans to replace the police station with a room in a supermarket and are rightly furious that they have not been consulted”

“I know Nottinghamshire Police have to make savings and I am not necessarily opposed to the closure of some police stations but decisions must be made with the support of local people and their representatives. The procedure is laid out so that there is consultation and it should be followed.”

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