Anna Soubry urges Government to stop taxing low paid workers

Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, has urged  the Government to move more lower paid worker out of income tax.

Speaking in Parliament Anna asked George Osborne “Many Conservative Members have long believed that lower-paid workers should be moved out of paying income tax. Will the Chancellor confirm that next month’s increase in personal allowances will have a real benefit for hard-working families in Broxtowe, and can they be increased even more come the Budget….”

The Chancellor replied  saying  “The personal allowance is increasing from April. We inherited a personal allowance that was £6,475. It is going to be £8,105 in April. That will take 1.1 million people out of tax and deliver a tax cut to 23 million or so basic rate taxpayers. I say to my hon. Friend, to my colleagues in the Conservative party and to my colleagues in the Liberal Democrat party that this is a coalition policy. It was part of the coalition agreement. It was in the Liberal Democrat manifesto, but I am also proud that it is a Conservative Chancellor who is implementing it.”

The Chancellor will unveil his budget on Wednesday March 21st. Anna said “I hope there will be measures to help hard up families in particular. Bringing down the deficit is in everyone’s interest and so is helping those with the least amount of money.”