Anna Soubry urges everyone to say “no” to 775 houses on Toton’s Green Belt

Anna Soubry MP has pledged a “full fat” campaign of opposition to plans to build 775 houses on Green Belt land in Toton.

“This large piece of Green Belt land is vital to Toton, it provides a great open space and prevents sprawl between Toton and Stapleford. The plans include an 80 bedroom hotel. With almost 800 houses on the site there is no way the already over congested roads could cope with the increase in traffic.”

Broxtowe Borough Council recently put forward a “Core Strategy” to build 6150 houses in Broxtowe resulting in 3,000 on Green Belt land. Anna said.

“The Labour / Lib Dem Council at first made the Green Belt land at Toton one of their ‘preferred sites’ and only saw sense after a local residents protested with  public meetings we organised  and after I raised the matter in Parliament. But their reckless action put the Toton site at risk of an application as local Conservative Councillors and I predicted. Sadly we have been proved right. Broxtowe does not have to accept the target of 6150 houses and we have enough brown field land for over 3,000 homes. Broxtowe’s Labour/Lib Dem coalition should be developing land at Boots to provide hundreds of homes, not encouraging Green Belt development. It is nothing short of scandalous. In the meantime they still refuse to assess Broxtowe’s housing needs and instead have decided to take Nottingham’s overspill onto Green Belt land.”

Anna Soubry and Toton’s Borough and County Councillors are holding a public meeting on Sunday October 21st at 2pm at the Greenwood Centre in Toton.

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