Anna Soubry urges Councillors to listen to the people of Stapleford

It was standing room only with people queing outside the Jaguar Pub in Stapleford to protest against plans to build 450 houses on Field Farm. The site is green belt land but has been deemed a “preferred site” by Broxtwoe Borough Council’s controlling Labour/Lib Dem group.

 Local people opposed to the planned development have until January 24th to write or email Broxtowe Borough Council. Anna Soubry and STRAG suggested the following factors should be highlighted in submissions from residents. Field Farm is green belt land and in this instance prevents sprawl between Stapleford and Trowell assisting their individual identities. The fields are valued open green spaces loved and used by residents.

Any development on Field farm will add yet more congestion to Ilkeston Road and surrounding roads which are already heavily over crowded especially at peak travelling times.

The developers plan to build on land which is prone to flooding and their plans are not adequate to deal with the risk. There is no community facilities in the plan which are lacking in places for children to play, eradicate existing public footpaths and destroy wildlife. The development does not integrate into the existing community and there is no planned benefit to Stapleford.

A number of Broxtowe borough Councillors attended the meeting from the ruling Labour/Lib Dem group and Anna Soubry urged them to listen to the people they represent. “People do not want this development. There is anger not only at the size of the development and loss of invauable green belt land, but also at the lack of consultation and representation by Stapleford Councillors” said Anna.

“Everyone must now write or email Broxtowe Borough Council and send copies of their letters to Councillors.” said Anna.

Central News, BBC Radio Nottingham and reporters from the Nottingham Post and Ilkeston Advertiser covered the public meeting called by Anna Soubry with protest group STRAG (Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group).

Make your view home using the Broxtowe Borough Council on line form on

or write to Planning and Development, Broxtowe Borough Council, Foster Avenue, Beeston NG9 . The planning application number is 11/00758/OUT