Anna Soubry supports “Wear a Hat” fund raiser for brain tumour research

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry joined MP’s to publicise “Wear a Hat” day this Friday.

Brain Tumour Reseach  is urging supporters to don head gear on Friday to raise funds and the profile of the charity.

Anna has been supporting the Beeston based Headcase charity since it was set up two years ago. Last year local campaigners lead by Beeston resident, Colin Speirs raised over £100,000. “All the money goes directly to researchers at Portsmouth University. Brain Tumour research has not attracted the funding levels benefitting other types of cancer research” said Anna  “People like Colin and his charity Headcase have raised the profile of this invaluable research locally. But only 1% of all fund for cancer research go to look at the causes and cures for brain tumours.”

 Nationally, great charities like HeadCase are now coming under the same umbrella with the aiming of increasing donations to support research into a disease which still has some of the lowest survival rates for sufferers.