Anna Soubry supports debate in Parliament on phone hacking

Anna Soubry said ” it is outrageous that the News of the World hacked into Milly Dowlers phone, published some of her texts, deleted others and led her family to believe she might be alive when in fact she had been murdered.”

Today in Parliament, the opposition called for a debate on whether there should now be a public enquiry into the News of the World activities and the Metropolitan police. ” I think it is right to debate the matter but most importantly there must be a full criminal investigation and I am of the view this should be conducted by a police force other than the Metropolitan Police force. It may well be right in time for there to be a public enquiry but vey serious criminal offence has allegedly been committed and if it has then those responsible must be brought to justice.”

Milly’s murderer was convicted two weeks ago “goodness knows how her family must be feeling, it is as if there is no end to their suffering” said Anna.