Anna Soubry pledges support to tunnel HS2 at Strelley Village

Residents from Strelley Village have formed a campaign group to fight the planned HS2 route through the village.

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry spoke at today’s public meeting at Strelley Hall.

“I support HS2 but I don’t want it to have an adverse affect on Strelley Village” said Anna “Some residents are opposed to HS2 in principle, but everyone agrees we don’t want it to spoil the natural beauty of Strelley Village with its ancient church, historic Hall and glorious countryside. I have already brought the Transport Minister, Simon Burns to Strelley, now HS2 needs to explain its plans and consider tunnelling the entire length that would affect the village.”

An alternative route along the Erewash line was rejected by the Government even though it was cheaper because it would adversely affect more people.

Campaigners opposed to the planned route have formed a committee and aim to gather support from across the East Midlands given the popularity of the village with walkers and widespread interest in Strelley Hall.