Anna Soubry opposes new threat to Green Belt land in Nuthall

Green Belt land in Nuthall is under threat of 740 homes. Developers, Wrenbridge, who are based in Cambridgeshire have written to Anna Soubry MP detailing their plans which they intend to submit to Broxtowe Borough Council.

In their letter Wrenbridge rely on the housing targets put forward by Broxtowe Borough Council. ” I am opposed to this development” said Anna “it is on Green Belt land which should not be developed save for exceptional circumstances which do not, in my opinion, exist. The problem is that the Labour/Lib Dem Borough Council have accepted the last Government’s housing target of 6,150 houses even though we only have enough brown field land for about 3,500. Broxtowe Borough Council  has simply fallen in with the City Council, has not properly assessed our housing needs and has yet again put our Precious Green Belt at further risk. It is scandalous.”

Anna is working with local Conservative Councillors to oppose the plans which have yet to be submitted to the Borough Council.