Anna Soubry Opens Foxwood School Sweetshop

Anna opens Foxwood School Sweet Shop

Anna has opened a sweet shop, staffed by youngsters with learning difficulties, in Beeston shopping Precinct.

The shop, Sweet Dreams, offers work experience to pupils from Foxwood School, Bramcote.  The project has been funded through government money given to the school for vocational learning.

It will be managed by up to ten classes of students each week, helping to improve their communication, numeracy and literacy skills, as well as giving them a sense of achievement.

Head teacher Chris Humphreys said: “The whole project has been completely driven by the pupils and their input has been invaluable.

“They decided that we should build a sweet shop and worked on the design and products. We wanted the children to have a big involvement at all stages.

“We hope the shop will help promote wider social interaction and teach people about what students with learning difficulties can achieve.”

Anna, who cut the ribbon to open the shop with student Korrie McCoid, said:

“It’s a great project. All the youngsters at Foxwood seem really keen to contribute and want a place in the world of work.

“They all have amazing potential and a shop like this is to everyone’s benefit. Foxwood are leading the way and giving the pupils a fantastic experience.”