Anna Soubry MP visits Greasley Beauvale Primary’s Fruity Friday!

Anna Soubry went back to school when she joined Greasley Beauvale’s assembly and then met the School’s Parliament.

“I last visited in November when the pupils were devising a scheme to encourage everyone to eat more fruit. They have come up with a great idea “Fruity Friday”. You can only buy fruit in the tuck shop on a Friday and in just a few weeks it’s proving a huge success.” said Anna.

The school’s “Cabinet” organise the buying of the fruit, get the schools brilliant cook to cut it up and then the youngsters sell it.

“Melon and raisins are the most popular items. I am a big fan of the scheme because it firstly helps pupils get a healthier diet and secondly because this is their idea and they run it.”

Anna added “Greasley Beauvale is a great school and it is always a huge pleasure to join head teacher Donna Chambers, her first class team and brilliant pupils”.

Fruity Fridays has entered a competition organised by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP for school councils and Parliaments running projects that benefit their school or  community.