Anna Soubry MP urges Broxtowe councillors to vote to save Field Farm

Anna Soubry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, is urging Borough Councillors to vote against development on Green Belt land at Stapleford this evening.
Anna said “I would urge Councillors of whatever political persuasion to vote in accordance with the views of people in Stapleford against housing on Field Farm.

We are in the run up to the County Council elections and voters will remember who voted for or against development on these important and treasured green fields. Unfortunately, Labour and the Lib Dems have already voted to make Field Farm their preferred site for development, which Conservative Councillors opposed.

 If Labour and the Lib Dems can’t go as far as to change their minds about Field Farm, then the least they can do is to defer the decision until the Inspector has held an inquiry into the Borough Council’s proposed plans, which include handing over development of Green Belt land for three thousand houses.”