Anna Soubry MP to hold public meeting for Toton’s Green Belt

Anna Soubry MP will be holding a public meeting at 2:30pm at the Greenwood Community Centre, Toton, on Saturday 7th December to discuss the threat to Toton’s Green Belt land.

Local councillors will also attend the meeting which is the latest step in Anna’s campaign to protect Broxtowe’s Green Belt from thousands of houses proposed by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Anna said, “I called on the Inspector to grant another hearing session so the voices of Totons’ residents could be heard. The Inspector has replied saying she is awaiting information from the Borough Council before reaching a decision. The people of Toton have a right to be part of the examination and discuss important changes to the proposals. I am concerned at the apparent lack of consultation.”

The meeting will provide important information on how people can make their views known.