Anna Soubry MP Takes Green Belt Fight to Westminster

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has been successful in securing a debate on the future of the green belt.

This latest development marks a significant step up in Anna’s campaign to protect Broxtowe’s green belt, in response to Broxtowe Borough Council’s Aligned Core Strategy which accepted a target of building 6,000 houses in the Borough.

Anna has spoken out against the figures saying, “Broxtowe Borough Council has accepted a figure of just under 6,000 houses even though we only have enough brown field land for 2,000. We don’t have any ‘green field land’ it is all green belt and Broxtowe is surrendering our green belt to the developers. “

The debate, The Future of the Green Belt, will take place in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 18th October, 9:30am-11:00am. Anna added, “I promised to have the future of Broxtowe’s green belt debated in Parliament and I am pleased that I have been successful in securing the debate. It is important for me to highlight Broxtowe Borough Council’s plans in Parliament because there has been a great deal of misinformation about the Government’s new planning policy; The Coalition Government has promised to protect the green belt. However, Broxtowe have chosen to follow their own plan and without listening to local communities or local people. I believe it’s important for it to be debated so my constituents can have clear assurances that the government will maintain green belt protection and it is Broxtowe who are surrendering our green belt.”

This is the latest stage of Anna’s campaign which has seen her write to all Broxtowe Borough Councillors about the plans, make a formal submission to the Consultation, attend public meetings organised by Broxtowe Borough Council and organise more public meetings throughout Broxtowe. On Saturday 24th September, almost 200 residents attended such a meeting at the Toton Greenwood Community Centre, organised by Anna and local Councillors.

Anna has arranged two more public meetings in conjunction with local Councillors: the next one is to take place on Saturday 12th November at Nuthall Temple Community Centre 4:00-5:00pm, everyone is welcome, particularly if you live in or around Nuthall, Kimberley, Watnall, Strelley Village and the Bilborough College development. A further meeting has been arranged with Greasley Councillors to take place on Saturday 26th November form 2:00pm-4:00pm at Greasley Parish Hall.

Anna said, “I think it’s imperative and only right that people know what Broxtowe Borough Council is planning for their locality, many people have raised concern about the ‘consultation’ process and many have been unaware of the plans for development on their doorstep. That’s why it is so important that there are public meetings and I have to say the public meeting which Broxtowe Borough Council organised for Kimberley was a farce, the Town Council had not been informed that it was a public meeting.”

To contact Anna about the Green Belt campaign and future meetings e-mail Anna at or phone the Constituency Office on 0115 943 6507.